Welcome To Chinufilms

Chinufilms is a Production House based in New Delhi, we expertise in providing content, production and live broadcasting solutions for various news channels across India. We have also established our name into the field of Indian Spirituality. We specialize in covering all kinds of corporate conferences and events.


Chinufilms has known for their video content quality in short term notice. We are committed to provide online videos to our client. Chinufilms effort is visualize from our work.


Chinufilms have been honored and privileged in providing services to leading channels and corporate across India.
· We impart content for leading spiritual Channels and have an ample presence on the wide network of Zee, Aastha, Sahara one etc.
· We have also provided services to leading corporate giants such as Microsoft.


Chinufilms takes pride in providing the best services to its clients.
· LiveU, our latest product for broadcasting solution.
· We serve various services like: Duplication and conversion from formats such as DVD to Beta, etc.
· We also provide hiring services for production crew and equipments such as Camera, Recorder etc.


Chinufilms is committed to provide latest technology to its customers ‘LiveU’, our new and latest product for broadcasting solutions. It enables us to stream live video content even in remotest areas across the Globe.

Go Live AnyWhere, AnyTime in Full HD!!

Dead Zones to Live Zones.. Where Will You Go, Go Live

LiveU is the latest offering in broadcasting technology that let you go live seamlessly from any given location where cellular connectivity is available, even from the remotest areas.

So you are saved from hiring expensive OB Vans that can burn deep holes into your pocket. Small, handy LiveU is the pioneer of portable video-over-cellular solutions and is the benchmark for reliable and high-quality uplink.

Have an event? We can help.

Chinu Films is a premiere broadcasting equipments providing agency in Delhi that operates pan-India and provides LiveU systems on rent. We already have more than 25 LiveU systems in store.

If you have an event and want to go live with it, don’t wait. Call now and ask for LiveU.

What is a LiveU system?

LiveU is the pioneer of broadcast-quality, video-over-cellular solutions that allow live video transmission (HD and SD) from any location around the world.

LiveU is a boon for television broadcasting!

LiveU install base epitomizes “Anywhere”, as it spans over all five continents and over all media segments. From the largest international TV networks through local TV stations, news agencies, sports channels and organizations, media groups, performing arts establishments, bloggers, enterprises and leading brands, online video publishers and many more.

LiveU's cellular video transmission technology has been used all over the globe in a most diversified set of events and on an on-going basis.

Why to choose LiveU ?

•It enables television and online broadcasters to transmit live video from any locale using wireless video transmitter.

•Increases freedom of movement for behind-the-scenes reporting.

•Empowers virtually every content creator with live video streaming capabilities.

LiveU is easily integrated into the digital workflow .

LiveU used testing modems, selecting SIM packages, nullifying cellular operators’ billing issues, worldwide roaming support, and so on.

The Ultimate Transmission System for Professional


Integrated Unit

Audio / video encoder, SSD drive, cellular & wireless modems, internal battery


Custom design, professional-grade back harness

Video Input


1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 720p25/30, D1, Half D1, CIF

HW Interfaces

SDI, HDMI, Analog (composite, component, S-Video), DV / IEEE- 1394

Video Formats

HD/SD-SDI, PAL / NTSC (SMPTE 259M, 292, 296M), DV25, DV50, DV100, DVCAM, DVCPRO/50/100
future HDV; HDMI 1.3, full A/V auto detection

Audio / Video

Video Encoder

H.264 AVC high profile

Audio Encoder

Enhanced Efficiency AAC

Video Transport


Integrated Bonded


upto 14 4G LTE / 3G cellular, Wi-Fi or WiMAX, Dual-Ethernet, Dual-Satellite (BGAN)


4G LTE, HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, CDMA EVDO Rev 0/A/B, Mobile WiMAX, Wi-Fi 802.11 a,b,g & n (with

Proprietary RF

Integrated Antenna

Benefits in video quality, resiliency, coverage, operation in urban canyons, poor coverage areas, and even in
crowded areas. Converts Cellular Dead Zones into Live Zones



Vehicle-mounted; single-person carried and operated even while on the move

Profiles Selection

User can select profiles to optimize for lowest latency or highest video quality and resiliency

End-to-end Latency

Interview profile: as low as under 1 sec
Other profiles: compensating for fluctuations in network performance


Continuous audio even when network capacity drops significantly

Multi-unit Support

Multiple field units can transmit to the same server and output to multiple SDI, FME, H.264 streams


Dual SIM Ports per

Supports 1 or 2 standard SIM ports per modem, allowing roaming as well as local operations


Power Sources

Internal battery: At least 1. 5 hrs of continuous transmission
Anton Bauer/IDX/Sony batteries: integral in the backpack support for all leading battery systems
Vehicle Lighter input: 12VDC
AC: 100V to 240V

User Interface

Local Control

Full monitoring and control using touch-screen UI with lock-screen option

Remote Control

Full remote control from server side, from smartphones, laptops, etc


Video preview; per-network cellular connectivity status inc. RSSI, throughput, network delay, etc

Rich Feature Set


Fast File Transfer (FTP) for fast upload of pre-recorded material from anywhere into the workflow
IFB (return audio channel from studio), Store & Forward, local recording on the transmitting unit, on external
storage devices, recording on the server side

Resiliency and

Top video quality and resiliency through automatic dynamic algorithms such as automatic Adaptive Bit Rate
ABR) over Constant Bit Rate (CBR) or Variable Bit Rate (VBR), video encoding and VBR video encoding are set)
.automatically; automatic Forward Error Correction (FEC) e



25 x 36 x 11.5 cm / 9.84 x 14.17 x 4.5 inches


~5kg / ~11.5lbs with battery

Call on these numbers to book LiveU in India : 9999089993, 9999188893
LiveU Support: - +91-11-22165124
Email us at: liveu@chinufilms.com